ENGAGE New Mexico


The New Mexico Public Education Department has partnered with Graduation Alliance to provide an extra layer of support for K-12 students (and their families) to help them be their best in and out of today’s classroom. 

Families who choose to participate in the program will be assigned a mentor who will help them navigate academic and life challenges.

Coaches reach out to students by phone, email, text message, and more to provide support such as:

All Students

  • Encouragement and motivation
  • Access to 24/7 virtual tutoring services
  • Organization and study tips
  • Referrals to local nonprofit organizations that can provide support with life’s challenges
  • Helping students identify resources and connections to help overcome obstacles and promote self-sufficiency
  • Encouraging students to engage with their school and teachers
  • Setting goals for academic and personal success

Grades K-5

  • Information about educational opportunities like summer reading programs
  • Activities and resources to strengthen reading, math, and handwriting skills
  • Skill-appropriate books kids will enjoy reading

Grades 6-8

  • Teaching students how to effectively communicate with teachers via email
  • Helping kids advocate for themselves in the classroom
  • Showing students how to prioritize assignments to get work done on time

Grades 9-12

  • Feedback on resumes and cover letters
  • Information about summer job and internship opportunities
  • Encouraging and guiding post-graduate planning

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Definition: because of economic hardship you are currently either- sharing a home or apartment (e.g., living with family members or friends); living in a motel, trailer park, car, or campground; staying at a shelter; or staying at a place not typically intended for sleeping (e.g., city park, bus station)

How does it work?

What is the cost?

Engage New Mexico is state-funded and completely free to students. 

What is ENGAGE New Mexico?

“The program was engaging, responsive, and helpful. The mentor we worked with was very helpful and knowledgeable in all of my child's academic courses, which were advanced. My daughter and I are looking forward to working with the program again next year.”

— ENGAGE parent

“The ENGAGE program has helped me become a better student. My mentor has helped me become more motivated and excited about learning. They are extremely helpful and always want to know other ways they can help. They are always encouraging me to do better than yesterday! I am extremely grateful I have the help from this program!”

 — ENGAGE student

“I’m so thankful to have someone to turn to to help my kids overcome their problem areas and help them be their best. I am grateful to have access to such a program and have someone like my student’s mentor as a new resource for academic success!” 

– ENGAGE parent

“I couldn't ask for better dedication and support for my daughter. Our mentor is a blessing and has incredible energy. I love how she got my daughter more out of her shell, talking more (finding her voice to speak up more). Thanks to our mentor and this program, my daughter loves school and learning again. This program is the best thing that could ever happen for my daughter and me!”

 — ENGAGE parent

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